Energy Healing


How Can Energy Healing Help You?

Through the ancient art of Energy Manipulation, JJ is able to locate and release trapped emotions, misalignments, toxins or realign Chakras enabling physical and emotional balance within the body.  Anxiety, phobias, insomnia and pain are a few ways these imbalances manifest in your life and in your body. Morning sickness, problems conceiving and emotional blockages can also be addressed. Energy healing may rid the body of physical distress, identify the nutrition your body needs for optimum performance and eliminate toxins and toxic energy. All healings are done remotely. You will be sent a written healing with explanations and suggestions. While not every person feels immediate relief, JJ has had lasting success with various issues. You will be able to ask questions via email. How can she help you?

What is a Heart Wall?

As we live, learn, grow and experience our subconscious constructs a “Heart Wall” to protect us from pain. Its inevitable, almost every human has a Heart Wall, we have all experienced pain, it’s a part of life. These walls may make us feel separate from other people, you may have a hard time making connections or feeling certain emotions. Removing a Heart Wall will help you feel closer to the people around you and open you up (by opening your heart) to new experiences.

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At Love and Rocks, we are excited to join you on the journey to a happier and more peaceful life with the help of our energy healing jewelry. All crystals and rocks have healing properties, the stones you are drawn to are likely exactly what you need. We have a fantastic lineup of jewelry for you to choose from, many are one of a kind, all are handmade and infused with love.

If you are ready to take on a more holistic approach to your energy healing journey, consider our jewelry as a way to implement healing into your daily life. We are honored to be a part of your experience. Please email or call with any questions. We are here for you.


Animals and Energy Healing

Animals need LOVE too. JJ has helped animals with anxiety, separation issues, fear and barking. Just about any issue can be addressed with Energy Healing. Feel free to reach out to see how she can help you or your animals. Domestic, livestock and wild animals are all susceptible to Energy Healing.



JJ worked on me even though I thought this was complete BS. I'm glad she did. I am able to fall and stay asleep almost every night. She has also helped with lower back pain. Amazing, I am sold. ~JM


I rescued a German Shepard that had been severely abused. She was terrified of my uniform, wary of strangers, and often hid from us. I didn't believe "energy healing" could help us but I went along with it anyway. JJ worked on Kya Sunday night and Monday AM. She was no longer afraid of my uniform! She is relaxed and is a happy, well-adjusted dog. ~LD


I love candy. I wanted to eat it every day even though I knew its not healthy. Specifically, I love those orange slices that are pure corn syrup and sugar! After a few sessions, they just didn't do it for me anymore. She cleared issues that were making me crave those candies. I'm glad my cravings are gone. ~JN


I must admit I was skeptical at first. I'd never heard of energy healing and given our distance (I live in NC, JJ lives in Florida) I wasn't sure how this would work, but energy healing has been a game changer. I'm so happy I was open to receiving these healings! I actually get restful sleep again. ~PC


I have been extremely active my entire life. A fall a few years back kept me from running (my favorite sport).  JJ did a couple of remote sessions on me and the pain in my hip is completely resolved. I have been running, mountain biking and skiing with no issues at all. ~MH


Every time I picked up my newborn daughter I was getting pretty severe pain in my neck.  After a few remote sessions the pain is completed gone.  JJ also helped with an acute mysterious pain to my right wrist. So easy with proven results. ~VM


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Heart Wall Removal


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3 Animal Energy Healing Sessions