Reality Based on Past Events is Fiction

Reality based on past events is fiction. What the hell does that mean? If we are living our present life based on memories of our past, then our present life is simply not true. Five people can have the same experience at the same time and have five different versions of what happened and what it meant. What you tell yourself on a daily basis is your reality. Statements like “I always spend money” or “No one listens to me” actually creates that reality for you. We are what we think we are. Period. The past doesn’t have to be the present. Pay attention to what you are saying to yourself or calling yourself. You decide what your life is and have the power to change ANYTHING you don’t like simply by changing your perspective. See if you can see problems as opportunities. Ask yourself “what can I learn from this” or “what am I learning from this situation”? Perception is everything. What are you creating?

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